On December 12th 2018 something historical happened in the Asian diaspora. The Facebook group, Subtle Asian Dating, a highly engaged community of 300,000+ overseas Asians that gets on the order of 1 million+ comments/posts per week had a breakthrough moment where the community pulled together for an uncomfortable discussion about anti-asian racism and our shared fate in the West.

Topics include the legitimacy of Asian-only environments, the supression of Asian male and female discourse, East and South/Southeast Asians uniting under Pan-Asianism, emasculation of Asian men, fetishization of Asian women, self-hate and wishing to be White, younger Asians being more woke vs. their predecessors, and dealing with White supremacy.

Never before have I ever seen so many Asian people join together to earnestly discuss our reality with such vigorousness and candor. This is so encouraging.

Below, I managed to screenshot a subset of the 1,000+ comment dialogue. Before I got the chance to mirror this discourse, the moderators had already deleted many of the more incendiary threads and comments so you will see many comment gaps and greyed out names. Warning: this archive consists of 77 images, which total 50+ mb in filesize. Please allow time time to load.

Also see Oxford Condo’s writing on this phenomenon

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