My name is Lucas Ou-Yang, or 欧阳象 in Chinese

Nice to meet you! I'm an engineer based out of LA who is fascinated by media consumption and creation. I built the initial display algorithm for Instagram Stories and Search, Snapchat's discovery page, and the most popular information retrieval library on Github (newspaper3k). I also produced a romcom series in 2018 called "Kat Loves LA"
I'm a big fan of Haruki Murakami, John Mayer, Kpop, Sichuan food, Plan A magazine, Chinese street music/culture. My family ancestry is originally from scattered areas throughout China: 山东, 厦门 but I was born and raised in America. See my insights in the press at Business Insider here about key differences between US and Chinese firms. I also led a movement with a friend to help Asian Americans who are interested in life in Asia.
For more info, check out my:
  • Github - software
  • IMDB - funding
  • Twitter - political efforts