Island Overlord


  • Right click + drag - rotates the camera
  • Mouse wheel - zooms in and out
  • Arrow keys - Move the screen around
  • Clock button on screen - Speeds up, slows down the game timer, observe the villagers!
  • Try out the god powers!

  • Mechanics

    This is a sandboxesque game where you have the pleasure of watching an island society, from it's creation to ... well that's up to you! As their unnoticed god, you have the option to watch them, cast god spells and powers on them, or even speed up time! It's all up to your mood and your will :)

    Misc and Credits

  • Sprites drawn by myself using GIMP
  • cited from ... TODO ...
  • No external libraries were used
  • Programmed using Eclipse and Java SDK 1.6
  • Used a pixel rgb recognition equation from Notch
  • Original idea was from my friend David Zong
  • "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." - Michelangelo